God Loves All Colors 4-color Pen w/ Stylus


With a message that is echoed by its four colors of ink, this high-quality stylus pen makes a great gift for students, friends, guests and visitors.

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God Loves All Colors 4-color Pen w/ Stylus - 1 pen
God Loves All Colors 4-color Pen w/ Stylus - 6 pack
$2.50 each
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Our new 4-color pens are sleeker, more versatile and more beautiful than the ones we sold years ago. The barrel is narrower with a rubber grip to make it easier to hold. The red, green, blue and black cartridges slide into place smoothly for taking color-coded notes. The iridescent teal color is absolutely beautiful, and the stylus on top is right at hand for use on phones, tablets and other touch-screen devices. It also has a durable metal clip.
And then there is the positive message, uniquely appropriate for the multi-colored inks: God Loves All Colors – The Baha’i Faith.

At $2.50 – $3 each, they are affordable gifts for friends, students, visitors and guests. They are sure to become the “go-to” pens for everyone who receives one.

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1 pen, 6 pack


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