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Red Grammer – Be Bop Your Best, Music to Build Character By

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Be Bop Your Best music CD from Red Grammar

Little by little, day by day we build our character until at the very heart of us we each shine like the sun! Here are some songs to help you Be-Bop Your Best everyday…Red Grammer

I played this a lot when my kids were little. The ones they began to quote to each other were lines from integrity. And where else can you find a rousing responsibility marching song?

After you sample the clips below, check out Red’s Teaching Peace CD.

Red Grammer

Track Listing
Each sample is 1/4 the song and was rendered at 64kbps (radio quality) – the full songs are CD quality.

1.Be-Bop Your Best – sample
2. Truthfulness – sample
3. Responsibility – sample
4. Fairness – sample
5.Trustworthiness – sample
6. Perserverance – sample
7. Kindness – sample
8. Caring and Compassion – sample
9. Gratitude – sample
10. Citizenship – sample
11. Respect – sample
12. Integrity – sample
13.Patience – sample
14. Listen To Your Heart – sample


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