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Greeting Cards

Cards on this website have been hand crafted and inspired by the Baha’i writings and prayers. And the artists are all Bahais.

  • Kindness Thank-You card

    SKU: GC-K-1
    Expressions of gratitude create bonds of love between people, and encourage us to look for the good in everyone.
  • SKU: GC-K
    These Kindness Thank-You cards are free to LSAs, or purchase them for your personal use Expressions of gratitude create bonds of love between people, and encourage us to look for the good in everyone.
    Always - Interfaith Assurances That Our Loved Ones Will Be with Us Always This lovely gift book/sympathy card will comfort members of any and every religion. Use this as a 16-page sympathy card with the optional envelopes and signature cards, or order them without the envelopes or signature cards to be given out at memorial services. They can also be used by hospice workers, in hospital chapels and at funeral homes.
  • SKU: GC-GR-L
    Versions of the Golden Rule from 6 major religions surround a charming illustration of diverse children dancing around a tree. Perfect for any occasion. Size: 5 x 7
  • SKU: GC-GR
    The classic praying children Golden Rule greeting card has been a favorite for over 20 years. It pictures six children from different cultures, and includes a version of the Golden Rule as expressed in six of the world's major religions - Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith. Size: 5 x 7, and comes with matching golden tan envelopes.
  • Angel of Joy Note Card

    SKU: GC-254
    This Angel of Joy Greeting Card says: "I beg of God that ye be bringers of joy, even as are the angels in heaven - Abdu'l-Baha." It is the perfect way to say "Thank you, you've been an angel."
  • SKU: GC-EM
    The beautiful Prayer for Expectant Mothers card makes wonderful gift cards to go with a baby show gift, or insert a sheet with the time and place and use them as invitations to the baby shower itself. These are 5x7" and come with a matching envelope. If you need lots of these at a lower price, consider using the postcard version without the envelope.
  • SKU: GC-21
    This abstract Bahai sympathy card invites people to pray for the departed - as they pray for us. It includes the short prayer for the departed on the inside. The text on the front says: "Those who have ascended have different attributes from those who are still on earth, yet there is no real separation.  In prayer there is a mingling of station, a mingling of condition. Pray for them as they pray for you!"
  • SKU: GC-5
    This oversized Bahai sympathy card says: "The soul is of one indivisible substance and therefore eternal - Abdu'l-Baha" It is blank on the inside and has lots of room for expressing your condolences. 6x8" cards come with a matching envelope.  Artwork by Corinne Randall
  • SKU: GC-222
    I Bear Witness Bahai Sympathy Greeting Card This is the card that goes with Matthew Levine's musical sympathy card.  We also sell it without the CD because they lyrics are printed inside as a poem, and they are so beautiful that they stand by themselves as an expression of sympathy.  They can also be used as program covers for memorial services, or given as gifts at visitations.
  • SKU: GC-108
    The Children of the Future greeting card is a reduction of Harlan Schleffer's scratch-off piece called "Children on the Universe". Faces of children floating in the stars is so beautiful that it really cries out to be a note card. The inside is blank, for your own personal message. The back is the meditation "O Son of Spirt! Noble have I created Thee, yet Thou hast abased thyself. Rise then unto that for which thou wast created." Size: 5 x 7, includes envelopes.
  • SKU: gc-ed
    Brightly colored 5x7 cards are a wonderful way to say thank-you to school teachers. The front of the card says:  The education and training of children is among the most meritorious acts of humankind. The inside is blank. The matching bright pink envelope sets a cheerful tone.
  • Star Ayyam-i-Ha card

    SKU: GC-HA
    This cheerful Ayyam-i-ha card is designed to coordinate with our garden flag, our ribbon, our gift-tag stickers and our decorative die-cut star stickers for making wrapping paper. 5x7" glossy card now comes with matching Hot Pink and/or Translucent Raspberry envelopes for a festive flair.
  • Star Naw-Ruz Card

    SKU: GC-NR
    Joyous Naw-Ruz is a beautiful card. The central star is uses classic Pennsylvania Dutch design elements of hearts, tulips and doves. The purple and red design elements coordinate with our purple and red Naw-Ruz ribbon. 5x7" glossy card comes with an assortment of pastel colored envelopes that add a festive flair to the card.

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