Bahai Calendars

Bahai Faith Calendars have feast and holy days marked.
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    This is THIS year's calendar, not 2021. If you REALLY want copies, and don't want to order 50 at a time, contact me.The new calendars should be arriving around September or October.On Sale!  The 2020 calendar celebrates the 25th anniversary of the publication of our best-selling Gift of Prayers prayerbook.  It uses a larger section of the full painting, which was painted on commission by Leslie Williamson. It uses the first line of the "Create in me a pure heart, O my God!" prayer.
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    Our two best-selling products, the (original) Interfaith Prayer Book and the Book of Comfort and Healing make a great pair for use in hospital chapels and waiting rooms. Only $1.50 each when you buy 20 sets. The first is a universal prayer book that is organized by religion. Patients and family members looking for well-known prayers from their own faith tradition will find them here.The second is a collection of prayers and scriptures specifically focused on healing and overcoming difficulties.

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