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    Here is a low-cost full-color introduction to the Baha'i Faith suitable for children, youth and adults.
  • SKU: bk-6160-1
    Daily Reflections and Stories for Children - Book 4 The Daily Reflections series is far and away the best-selling series of Baha'i books for children available, and for good reason.  
  • SKU: bk-6160
    Daily Reflections and Stories for Children - Book 3 The Daily Reflections series is far and away the best-selling series of Baha'i books for children available, and for good reason.  
  • SKU: bk-low4
    Leaves of Wisdom Coloring Book Vol 4 A Bahai Coloring Book The first three volumes in this series have been very popular, so you won't want to miss this one. It is geared towards a wider audience, with images that older kids and adults will enjoy too.
  • SKU: bk-1030
    Thirty simple activities that kids can do to learn about virtues and make the world a better place at the same time.  While it is formatted and illustrated for younger elementary school kids, the ideas can be used by just about anyone. 36 full-color pages in an 8.5x5"  format. $9.50 By Liz Acosta
    This is the Gift Edition of the Interfaith Resources Book of Comfort and Healing Book. It is perfect bound and a nice book edition of our widely distributed booklet. If you or someone you love is facing difficult health issues, you will find this compilation of over 200 short prayers and quotations from ten different faith traditions a source of great comfort and encouragement. Originally compiled for use in hospital chapels, over 40,000 of the Give-Away edition are in print. Now, for the first time, this larger GIFT EDITION is available for individual purchase.
  • SKU: bk-6033
    Devotional Meetings by Wendi Momen What are some of the unique characteristics of a Bahá'í devotional meeting that distinguish it from a church service, and how can we make our devotional meetings both spiritually enriching and attractive to the general public?
  • SKU: bk-6182
    Getting Old? - Well, Maybe, Just a Little
    My dear friend Harlan Scheffler is now on the "other side," but before he moved on, he left us with his thoughts about the process of growing old and preparing to die. A gentle soul and profound thinker, you will want to read what he has to say. With luck, you will face your last days with the same grace and faith that he describes in these two essays.
  • SKU: bk-1852
    Marriage: A Fortress for Well-Being offers valuable insights for every couple, whether married or in preparation for marriage, to apply spiritual principles to everyday needs. Redefining marriage as the basic building block for world peace and unity, the book explores issues such as dating, how to prepare for marriage, raising children, divorce, and more.
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    The Baha'i - The Religious Construction of Global Identity This book explores how Bahá'ís think globally, but function locally, using their beliefs, their teaching activities, and their institutions to link the two.
  • SKU: bk-6259
    From Mountain to Mountain - Stories About Baha'u'llah is  a comprehensive history of the Bahá'í Faith for young people This is a book which young people will find a valuable addition to their Bahá'í libraries. From Mountain to Mountain: Stories about Bahá'u'lláh relates the history of the Bahá'í Faith from the childhood of the Báb to the Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh.  
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    Discovering the Sun

    $18.50 $12.00
    SKU: bk-4017
    In part two of this tale of a young girl's spiritual growth, set in the isles of Orkney, we rejoin Fern just as she is about to go away to school on the main island. Will she get on there? Will she make friends? Will she be homesick? All the worries of a teenager leaving the nest for the first time are added to the main thing on Fern's mind; how will she cope with her very first Fast … within the walls of a boarding school?  
  • SKU: bk-6254
    A charming story for children set in the Middle East of long ago with numerous line drawings.  
  • SKU: bk-4003
    This is the classic story of a simple violet in a garden of snobby flowers who finally learn that it is their variety that makes the garden so special.  
  • SKU: bk-1865
    “Blessed is the spot” is the first prayer in every prayer book, so it is only fitting that it be one of the first prayers that young children learn as their parents read them this charming book  
  • SKU: BK-4T
    4 Tools of Emotional Healing Though they are not quite the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the painful emotions of shame, anger, loneliness and fear have destroyed countless lives. The need to numb and distract ourselves from them leads us to engage in behaviors that only draw us deeper into shame and isolation. We do not need distractions or drugs, we need healing. This healing is not about solving our problems; it is about making us whole. This book explains how the qualities of honesty, forgiveness, compassion and faith can ease the pain of these negative emotions by filling the empty spaces they represent.
  • SKU: bk-1018
    Magnificent Moles of Mead Meadow is a delightful children's book explores the alliterative magic of the letter M. $16.25
  • SKU: BK-1827

    Bahai Faith - Emerging Global Religion

    If you want something scholarly yet modern and easy to read, this is a great choice.  Written as a college text book by two of the best Baha'i writers around, this is what convinced my sister to become a Baha'i 20 years ago.
  • SKU: bk-6146
    Alzheimer's - Observations & Disclosures & Resolutions When artist Harlan Carl Scheffler's wife Barbara developed Alzheimer's disease, he determined to learn as much as possible about the condition and to understand what was happening to his life-long partner. A Bahá'í since childhood, he turned to religion as well as to science to provide insights into this physical disease of the brain.
  • SKU: bk-6026
    Meditation by Wendi Momen Inspired and encouraged by the advice of Shoghi Effendi that, "As we have such wonderful prayers and meditations in our writings, the reading of these with friends who are interested in and crave for this type of small meeting is often a step towards attracting them to the Faith.
  • SKU: bk-1976
    Consulting Detective It is my favorite kind of mystery novel: an intriguing who-dunit, without the gore, depravity or gruesomeness that has become so popular in modern crime fiction. This is a book you can read without cringing, and share with your family and friends. It would be a great consideration for a book club.
  • SKU: bk-3308
    "Be generous in prosperity..." Whether you are looking for a beautiful way to thank someone who has been generous toward you, or are trying to become more generous yourself, this beautiful book is exactly what you are looking for. The carefully selected verses from the Baha'i Writings explore the many ways we can be generous - with our time, our compassion, our wisdom, and yes, even our money. The full-color artwork by Corinne Randall fills every page with the richness that the topic deserves.  Only 48 pages long, but infused with enough wisdom to last a lifetime.
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    The Golden Rule is a Universal Ethic Affirmed and discovered anew in every generation, the Golden Rule is a part of the inheritance of the world's peoples. It is taught in one form or another in all the world religions and systems of belief and can be found among the traditions of the world's most ancient societies.
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    Coral and Pearls is a great alternative to "Fortress for Well-Being" as a wedding or engagement gift.  It is easier to read and is based on Baha'i principles without being overtly Baha'i.
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    The Light Shineth in Darkness This book is a collection of five separate studies of the Bahá'í Faith, Christianity and Islam. Translated from the German, and substantially revised, they deal with many popular misconceptions which arise from the religious and intellectual traditions of the West.
  • SKU: bk-5530
    Fifteen essays explore the place of the Baha'i Faith in the post-modern world!
  • SKU: bk-1858
    Abraham: One God, Three Wives, Five Religions is a groundbreaking examination of Abraham, one of the most beloved and significant religious figures in history. Author Frances Worthington researches the three wives/concubines (Sarah, Hagar, and Keturah) of Abraham, and traces their lineage to five different religions - Christianity, Judaism, Islam, the Babi Faith, and the Baha'i Faith.
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    Ride the Wave

    $12.00 $4.95
    SKU: bk-5044
    Ride the Wave is another fictional story for Bahai teens by Cindy Savage. The Riverview High Bahá'í Club performs a song accompanied by sign language in their school talent show and suddenly everyone begins noticing them. Requests pour in from community organizations for entertainment and before Youth Wave has time to take a deep breath it is a local sensation.
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    $20.95 $12.95
    SKU: bk-6018
    Arising - A Year of Service Handbook for Volunteers Wondering where to go? What to pack? Worried about being homesick? Or eating the food? Thinking you might not manage living with strangers? And how about, well, um, facilities? Scared of teaching children or junior youth? Denali's down-to-earth handbook will help you to 'seize your moment, to make your mark on the destiny of humankind' and to have a truly fulfilling year of service.  
  • SKU: bk-6162
    Dragons are ravaging the land, and it is up to the young Prince Kan to deal with them. In overcoming the dragons of Fear, Anger, Doubt and others, he learns about the qualities of character needed in a true citizen of the future land of Rizvania.
  • SKU: bk-4007-1
    Historical fiction for kids - The Horse of the Moonlight takes Tim to a stable where he meets three old horses who each tell him their tales: the Red Roan who carried Bahá'u'lláh from Baghdad to the shores of the Black Sea, the Wild Stallion ridden by the Báb and the steed of Mulla Husayn.  
  • SKU: bk-1860
    First Prayers for Tender Plants This bright and cheerful prayer book will delight the youngest of our budding new Baha'is. Three short children's prayers are broken into bite-sized pieces and illuminated with dazzling borders by one of my favorite artists (and people) Charity Hofert.  
  • SKU: bk-lwaa
    If someone you love is an alcoholic... This book can accompany you out of your confusion, despair, and hopelessness. It is a dose of sanity that includes resources to lift you and your family up. It will help you regain control of your own life.
  • SKU: BK-6169
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    SKU: BK-5582
    Written and Printed in Persian. An important compilation of the Persian and Arabic Tablets and prayers for celebration of Baha'i Holy Days.
  • SKU: bk-1951
    Fountain of Wisdom is a collection of the writings of Baha'u'llah, the Prophet-Founder of the Baha'i Faith, in which He explains some of the "precepts and principles that lie at the very core of His Faith." Revealed during the final years of His ministry, the sixteen tablets contained in this volume cover a wide range of topics and place emphasis on principles such as the oneness and wholeness of the human race, collective security, justice, trustworthiness, and moderation in all things.
  • SKU: bk-eswp
    Epistle to the Son of the Wolf This is a Tablet containing Baha'u'llah's own writing anthology chosen to illustrate major themes of His revelation. Epistle to the Son of the Wolf was revealed by Baha'u'llah about one year before His death, and though it is addressed to the son of an official, it can be found relevant to a contemporary reader as well.
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    SKU: bk-6212
    Babi and Bahai Religions 1844-1944 - Some Contemporary Western Accounts The Bahá'í Faith is a religion which, with its precursor, the Bábí movement, arose in the mid-nineteenth-century Iran and has since spread to all parts of the world, with adherents from most races and nations. This book examines the extensive writings and documents about the history of the Bahá'í Faith by Western authors not themselves Bahá'ís.
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    In Iran

    $32.50 $24.50
    SKU: bk-5544
    Seven scholars, Bahá'ís and non-Bahá'ís, have contributed essays to this important new volume on the history of the Bábí and Bahá'í religions In Iran. Discussed here are aspects of that history which are still only barely understood and which are examined here for the first time.
  • SKU: bk-8001
    Essays on Hinduism by Karan Singh
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    SKU: bk-6081
    The Bible has fascinated generations of people, both the religious and those who are merely curious. Here is an invitation to participate in a dialog on the person of Jesus Christ, whatever the religion or faith to which you may belong. Intended as a study guide to the gospels to be used in conjunction with a study of the actual text, Jesus and Early Christianity in the Gospels attempts to recover the world in which the gospels were written and the world in which their traditions were transmitted before they came into the hands of the evangelists.
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    SKU: bk-6243
    Dimension in Spirituality is a presentation of the path to spirituality offered by the youngest but most promising of the world's great religions, the Bahá'í Faith.
  • SKU: bk-6024
    A Companion to the Study of the Kitab-i-Iqan The Study Companion includes: annotations to the lqan major themes of the Iqan identified by Shoghi Effendi a new index to the Iqan and a suggested course of study for the Iqan
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    SKU: bk-6164
    Human Rights in an Advancing Civilization by Aaron Emmel What do human rights mean today? How we have arrived here? And where are human rights going? Aaron Emmel answers these questions based on his years of experience as a human rights advisor.
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    Manna from Heaven

    $22.95 $11.95
    SKU: bk-6063
    Manna from Heaven - from Divine Speech to Economic Science Is it legitimate to discuss religious and divine topics in terms and contexts normally reserved for purely scientific discussions? What is the relationship between economics and the teachings of the religions that have appeared in the Middle East? Why is it important to understand the difference between ideology and rational inquiry?
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    SKU: bk-6275
    Imperishable Dominion -  The Bahai Faith and the Future of Mankind A world beset by intractable problems leading to the breakdown of society as we know it: the diagnosis is a common one but Dr Schaefer’s presentation of it is not.
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    Gibran Love Letters

    $11.95 $10.95
    SKU: bk-5424
    A Crown of Beauty - The Bahai Faith and the Holy Land A Crown of Beauty is a unique portrayal in words, photographs and drawings of the outstanding religious drama of our time - the rise of the Bahá'í Faith, from its birth in Persia in 1844 amid violent persecutions, to its establishment today throughout the World. The story unfolds vividly through the lives and missions of the three central figures of the Faith - the Báb, Bahá'u'lláh and 'Abdu'l-Bahá - and the great works of its Guardian, Shoghi Effendi. Its universal principles, and its goal of a peaceful, ordered world society are also explained.
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    Crown of Beauty

    $24.95 $15.95
    SKU: bk-6238
    A Crown of Beauty - The Bahai Faith and the Holy Land A Crown of Beauty is a unique portrayal in words, photographs and drawings of the outstanding religious drama of our time - the rise of the Bahá'í Faith, from its birth in Persia in 1844 amid violent persecutions, to its establishment today throughout the World. The story unfolds vividly through the lives and missions of the three central figures of the Faith - the Báb, Bahá'u'lláh and 'Abdu'l-Bahá - and the great works of its Guardian, Shoghi Effendi. Its universal principles, and its goal of a peaceful, ordered world society are also explained.
  • SKU: bk-6230
    Buddhism and the Bahai Faith An introduction to the Bahá’í Faith for those of the Tharavada Buddhist tradition.

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