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    Our Large-Print Gift of Prayers has gone Deluxe! Our pocket-sized Gift of Prayers is our best selling product, and is available in four editions, including this new deluxe large-print edition.
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    Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah - choose from trade edition or red pocket edition This is a compilation of some of Baha'u'llah's most powerful and informative Writings, translated and compiled by the Guardian. It is a favorite gift for Seekers and new Baha'is alike.
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    This is the hilarious story of a poor boy from the Midwest who became one of America's topflight TV stars. But he was bothered with a boyhood dream and eventually left the big time. He made his home in three continents and became a much-loved world traveler. Through all the laughter - and it's uproarious at times - there is an underlying serious note, and the fact that his dream came true and brought him long-sought spiritual assurance is a considerable satisfaction to the reader. This is one of the best-selling Baha'i books of all time.  It is also one of the most gentle - and humorous - ways to introduce people to the name Baha'i.  You can feel comfortable giving it to just about anyone - young or old - and rest assured that they will thank you for it when they are done!  
  • Hidden Words Mini-Book

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    The Hidden Words and Selected Writings of Baha'u'llah This edition is exceptional because: (a) It is very pretty. (b) The type is larger and easier to read than many. (c) It opens with a welcoming invitation. (d) The cover & invitation mention other religions. (e) It includes extra pages of prayers, quotations, history & principles. (f) It is bulk priced at 1/5th the price of regular editions and 1/2 the cost of other pocket editions. (g) I offer free advice on how to use this edition for teaching. (h) It matches our prayer book, for a handsome gift set.
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    Hinduism is one of the most ancient of the existing religious traditions; the Bahá'í Faith is the most modern.
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    Historical fiction for kids - The Horse of the Moonlight takes Tim to a stable where he meets three old horses who each tell him their tales: the Red Roan who carried Bahá'u'lláh from Baghdad to the shores of the Black Sea, the Wild Stallion ridden by the Báb and the steed of Mulla Husayn.  
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    Human Rights in an Advancing Civilization by Aaron Emmel What do human rights mean today? How we have arrived here? And where are human rights going? Aaron Emmel answers these questions based on his years of experience as a human rights advisor.
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    Imperishable Dominion -  The Bahai Faith and the Future of Mankind A world beset by intractable problems leading to the breakdown of society as we know it: the diagnosis is a common one but Dr Schaefer’s presentation of it is not.
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    The Bible has fascinated generations of people, both the religious and those who are merely curious. Here is an invitation to participate in a dialog on the person of Jesus Christ, whatever the religion or faith to which you may belong. Intended as a study guide to the gospels to be used in conjunction with a study of the actual text, Jesus and Early Christianity in the Gospels attempts to recover the world in which the gospels were written and the world in which their traditions were transmitted before they came into the hands of the evangelists.
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    Journey to Mount Eternity is a story many teens can relate to. Parents with high expectations, a boyfriend who has the future all mapped out, and now even the school yearbook thinks it knows exactly what Melissa Davenport wants out of life. There's only one problem - nobody's ever asked her!  
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    Journey to the Heart of Africa tells a story, teaches about world citizenship, and includes dozens of fun activities for children 7-12 years old. There are word puzzles, games and even crafts projects. Fun illustrations on every page.  
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    Twelve-year-old Kyoko has mixed feelings about her family's move to Haifa to serve at the Bahá'í World Center. She leaves behind good friends, and a loving grandmother. But soon after arriving, she discovers a new world of adventure waiting for her in the diverse and loving World Center Community.  
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    Lilly and Peggy is a story that interweaves a girl's love for her dog, issues about death and loss, questions about God's willingness to answer prayers, and the power of The Hidden Words all into a believable story for six- to ten-year-olds.  
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    If someone you love is an alcoholic... This book can accompany you out of your confusion, despair, and hopelessness. It is a dose of sanity that includes resources to lift you and your family up. It will help you regain control of your own life.
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    Longing for Love Book 3 in the Longing series, that includes The Secret of Emotions and 4 Tools of Emotional Healing. This book is also part three of the combined volume Love, Lust and the Longing for God, which is now available.
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    Love, Lust and Longing for God - SET Why might you want to buy this as a set of three small books for $19.95 instead of a single larger volume for $14.95? Because sometimes you will want to give friends or patients just a little bit of life-changing information at a time, lest you overwhelm them and cause them to give up. Each of the three books in this set offers insight into a slightly different aspect of emotional healing. They work well separately or together. $19.95
    Love, Lust and the Longing for God All three books in the Longing series in one volume. If you are not where you want to be in your life, it is probably because you have allowed yourself to be guided by emotional impulses that you have not understood.  To improve your life, you can choose to ignore these emotions, or you can read this book and come to understand them.  You will still have to decide if and when to follow your heart, but at least you will understand the language it is speaking.
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    Magnificent Moles of Mede Meadow is a delightful children's book explores the alliterative magic of the letter M. $16.25
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    Marianne, an incredibly sweet Bahá'í girl, wants to help build the Arc of God, but she is too kind and humble to accept payment for "random acts of kindness."  
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    Marriage: A Fortress for Well-Being offers valuable insights for every couple, whether married or in preparation for marriage, to apply spiritual principles to everyday needs. Redefining marriage as the basic building block for world peace and unity, the book explores issues such as dating, how to prepare for marriage, raising children, divorce, and more.
  • My Bahai Faith

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    My Bahai Faith - A Personal Tour of the Baha'i Teachings My Bahai Faith is an affordable introductory book written for the kind of people who actually end up wanting to become Bahá'ís. It is by Justice Saint Rain, author of Falling Into Grace, Why Me? and many other popular Baha'i books. It's warm conversational style has inspired many people to enroll in the Faith. "Thank you Justice for writing the most wonderful Bahá’í introductory book. The approach you have taken is just the kind of approach that appeals to me."
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    Ride the Wave

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    Ride the Wave is another fictional story for Bahai teens by Cindy Savage. The Riverview High Bahá'í Club performs a song accompanied by sign language in their school talent show and suddenly everyone begins noticing them. Requests pour in from community organizations for entertainment and before Youth Wave has time to take a deep breath it is a local sensation.
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    This collection of poems written over a period of 50 years is proof that Rowell Hoff's wish was granted. Here are poems 'full of light', exploring themes of life and death, love, truth, the progressive revelation of all things and the ancient Covenant - confirmation of the poet's belief that A poem is not, but does.
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    Here is a low-cost full-color introduction to the Baha'i Faith suitable for children, youth and adults.
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    This is the classic story of a simple violet in a garden of snobby flowers who finally learn that it is their variety that makes the garden so special.  
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    Our first adult coloring book was so wildly popular that we've created Virtue Affirmation Mandalas - a coloring book for adults. Saying virtues-oriented affirmations while coloring doubles their impact and reduces stress. $11.95

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