Bahai Pamphlets

These Pamphlets are appropriate for information booths, literature tables, and Baha’i Center literature displays. Keep a good supply handy to put out at events.  Also keep a stack in your glove compartment and a few in your purse.  You never know when you will need one!

Please note that we keep our literature prices as low as possible based on the quantity ordered, not who orders them.  Individuals get the same great pricing as Assemblies!  All of our pamphlets offer bulk pricing, so use the drop-down menu to find the best quantity for your needs.

Also visit our Mini-Books Page. They are just a little longer than a pamphlet, but still pocket-sized.

  • SKU: pt-wab
    Who are the Bahais - is our best-selling pamphlet in English, and I think it is about to become our best selling pamphlet in Spanish as well!
    The Promise of World Peace is a concise and comprehensive outline of how to apply the spiritual teachings of Baha'u'llah to the social needs of today.
  • SKU: bkt-fcg
    This unique pamphlet teaches the Faith through a questionnaire format that invites readers to actually think about how much they agree with the Baha'i principles being presented.
  • SKU: pt-245
    Harmony of Science and Religion Pamphlet Many of the Bahai principles, like peace, racial harmony and equality of women have become accepted by thoughtful people around the world. The Harmony of Science and Religion, however, remains a controversial idea.
  • In Search of Healing

    SKU: bkt-221
    In addition to three short prayers for healing, this beautiful booklet reminds people of the value of laughter, friendship, and medical professionals, but its main focus is to encourage people to turn to God as the Source of all healing.
  • SKU: bkt-222
    This short fold-out booklet offers a comforting (and fairly comprehensive) explanation of the Baha'i teachings on the soul and the afterlife. Give it to anyone who has lost a loved one (and who hasn't?)
  • SKU: bkt-223
    Tell me about God's love for me combines quotations with brief observations, it will revive the spirits of anyone who is feeling defeated, hopeless, anxious, unworthy or simply stressed out.
  • SKU: bkt-220
    Borrowing its title from a favorite song, this selection of 19 comforting quotations includes five prayers for assistance that will comfort whomever you share it with.
  • SKU: PT-8
    A gentle way to inspire meaningful conversations about race relations in America.
  • Environment Pamphlet

    SKU: pt-56
    Interest in the environment has increased tremendously since the last time we printed this pamphlet.  No longer is the ozone layer or some animal extinctions the big issue.  Now it is global warming and the survival of the human race. But are those the real questions?  Not according to this pamphlet.  The real question concerns the soul’s relationship to the world of creation.
  • SKU: pt-199
    This checkbook sized pamphlet both introduces and reinforces the ideas that are on the back of the shirt. It also works quite well as a basic introduction to the Faith, with an emphasis on the supportive nature of the Community.
  • SKU: pt-1
    What you need to know is that the Bahá'í Faith is God's way of inviting us, individually and collectively, into a deeper, more loving, more mature relationship with Him.
  • SKU: pt-wab-s
    This is our best-selling pamphlet in English, and I think it is about to become our best selling pamphlet in Spanish as well!
  • SKU: pt-15
    Sidestepping fundamentalism, this pamphlet simply tries to open people up to the possibility that Christ has returned by looking at four simple points: Did He say He would return? Might He return like Elijah did? When (within 100 years) should we start looking for Him, and how might we recognize "the sound of His voice?"
  • SKU: pt-6
    This pamphlet offers a win/win perspective that encourages men to take an active part in the advancement of women. Side one shows how men can gain self-esteem, power, wealth, healthier relationships and more, through equal partnerships with women.
  • SKU: in-8
    These can be used as pamphlets at literature tables, or left on door knobs when you go out to invite neighbors to core activities.
  • SKU: pt-7
    This is an absolutely beautiful pamphlet that presents a sensitive selection of quotations about the soul and its journey after death.
    A rational exploration of the value of chastity, presented in a style and language that young people can relate to.
  • Do You Belong Pamphlet

    SKU: pt-102
    It does not introduce a single concept foreign to Christians, but rather lists many of the beliefs we share in common. It is not a teaching pamphlet; it is a soothing pamphlet.
  • SKU: bkt-224
    Four unique pocket-sized booklets to comfort the hearts and minds of your friends
    Wondering what pamphlets to stock up on for your literature display? Here are 20 pamphlets for you to consider.

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